Shortcut App Framework

Shortcut App Framework

App Framework is a starting point for shortcut developers to create complex applications in Shortcuts. Study and learn from the documentation and the heavily-commented shortcut; you’ll be writing your own shortcut apps in no time!

Many of the techniques and code in App Framework are used in my shortcuts: LaunchCuts, Cronios, and Inspector.


App Framework features:

  • Preferences
  • Localization
  • Assets
  • Application Loop
  • vCard Menus
  • Pseudo-Global Variables
  • Pseudo-Local Variables
  • Pseudo-Classes
  • Pseudo-Functions
  • And More!

Here is a diagram depicting the App Framework flow. Everything between the two green states are part of the main Application Loop.

App Framework Flowchart

Download App Framework

The latest version of App Framework is available from

Localization files and this documentation for App Framework are available on GitHub:

I’m looking forward to what shortcut developers can create with App Framework!

1 thought on “Shortcut App Framework

  1. Ifeanyi Maduabuchi

    Hi, this doesn’t specifically relate to the topic above but it is about Shortcuts. I am trying to share a shortcut online but I’d like users to be hit with a splash screen like the one your shortcut Cronios has, how do I add this feature to the shortcut?

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