Localization Helper

One of the less heralded but extremely important features of my shortcuts is their full support for localization out of the box. It’s something that I wanted to have from day one with my apps, as retrofitting an existing app can be extremely tedious.

To assist others with localizing my shortcuts, I have released Localization Helper, a shortcut for validating localization files against the default (English) localization of the following apps:

Download Localization Helper from RoutineHub.co

Localization Helper

Using the shortcut is pretty straightforward:

  1. Choose the shortcut that you want to localize.
  2. Copy the default (English) localization file.
  3. Edit it on your iPad or transfer to a Mac or PC.
  4. Validate the localization file in Localization Helper. It will inform you of any strings that you missed translating.
  5. Once the localization file has been validated, copy the All Localizations text into the shortcut — the All Localizations variable is always near the top of my shortcut’s actions list.
  6. Use the Change Language menu item in Settings to change the language.
  7. Test out your localization. Repeat these steps until you’re satisfied with the translation

Once you’re satisfied with the localization file, send it over to me or submit a pull request on the shortcut’s page on GitHub.

Thank you in advance for all those who help translate my shortcuts into different languages!

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