LaunchCuts on Automators Podcast Episode 45

LaunchCuts is covered on Episode 45 of the Automators podcast by Rosemary Orchard and David Sparks. They go through all of their favorite features of LaunchCuts, including folders, smart folders, reduce shortcut height, and much more.

There’s complete documentation on LaunchCuts available here.

I released version 1.3 several weeks ago that has the following improvements over the 1.2.

Version 1.3 Features

  • Manual Ordering of Shortcuts: Organize your shortcuts the way you want to on a per-folder basis.
  • Action Menu: The new Action Menu places the Update Shortcuts, Open Shortcuts, and Create Shortcut actions under one menu. This helps preserve space in the navigation bar and prevents accidental pressing of actions that open the Shortcuts app.
  • Custom Prompts: Customize the message used by the Launch Shortcut action when inputting the shortcut to run or its input (English only).

New Customization Options in 1.3

  • Separators: Create folder and shortcut separators to further distinguish your view of your folders and shortcuts.
  • Hide Edit Buttons: Hide alternate edit/play button on shortcuts.
  • Inline Titles: Display the folder title in the navigation bar to save even more space.
  • New App Icons: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Space Black.
  • Documentation Link: A link to view LaunchCuts Documentation now appears at the top of the Settings screen.

Before 1.3, version 1.2 had the following changes over the 1.1 release.

Version 1.2 Features:

  • Custom Folder Icons and Colors: Customize the look of your folders with custom icons and colors.
  • Custom App Icons: Change up LaunchCuts’ app icon.
  • Quick Actions: Configure up to three folders or shortcuts to open or run when you long-press on LaunchCuts’ app icon from the iOS Home screen.
  • Tap to Bottom: Tap the Shortcuts gap when you are viewing your shortcuts to jump to the bottom of the list.
  • Show All Tagged: Display all shortcuts with tags by specifying *.* in Tags.
  • More Custom Actions: Analyze your Shortcuts library and create ad-hoc folders with new custom actions in your own shortcuts.
  • Disable Shortcut Sync: Have an iPhone and iPad with different shortcuts but that use the same iCloud account? Now you can disable the syncing of shortcuts so you can manage your libraries separately with LaunchCuts.
  • Sync Error Detection: A bug in iOS 13.4 beta 1 prevents the fast sync from working properly. While we hope it will be fixed soon, there is a way to revert back to the older, yet slower, form of syncing between Shortcuts and LaunchCuts.

Enhanced Keyboard Support

LaunchCuts 1.2 gives you more ways to control LaunchCuts from the keyboard:

  • Folder Cycling: Switch between folders using Command-[ and Command-].
  • Arrow Navigation: Navigate through your list of shortcuts with the arrow keys.
  • Quick Run: Quickly run the hilited shortcut by pressing Return twice (or Command-Return).
  • Scrolling: Scroll through your shortcuts with the spacebar or Control-Arrow Up and Control-Arrow Down.
  • Jump: Jump to the top and bottom of your shortcuts with Command-Arrow Up and Command-Arrow Down.
  • Hilite: Select the first visible shortcut by pressing ~.
  • Clear Hilite: Deselect the hilited shortcut with period or Escape.
  • Center on Hilited: Focus on the hilited shortcut with /
  • Adjust Grid Size: Change the shortcuts grid size with Command-Minus and Command-Plus.
  • Sort Shortcuts: Change the sort order of your shortcuts with Command-Option-Control 1-5.
  • Sort Folders: Change the folder list sort order with Shift-Command-Option-Control 1-3.

2 thoughts on “LaunchCuts on Automators Podcast Episode 45

  1. Ranju Mathew

    Hi Adam,
    I was wondering whether the relevance of Launchcuts has gone down as I see that the last version of the app was more than an year ago.

    1. To some degree, yes, though there are some features of LaunchCuts that still don’t exist in Shortcuts. Right now, the biggest problem is that iOS 15 breaks the syncing feature between Shortcuts and LaunchCuts. Have reported the problem to the Shortcuts team, and I am hoping that it’s resolved by launch of the new OS.

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