Introducing MixEffect

Happy to announce the availability of my next app, MixEffect, on the App Store. MixEffect is a professional tool for controlling Blackmagic ATEM switchers from your iPhone or iPad. If you have an ATEM switcher, such as an ATEM Mini, Mini Pro, Mini Pro ISO, Mini Extreme, or Mini Extreme ISO, MixEffect is going to be your switcher’s new best friend.

MixEffect’s familiar interface gives you quick access to virtually everything you need — from switcher control, macros, audio, media, editing palettes, recording and streaming — to run your video productions. MixEffect then turns the dial past ten with animated SuperSource transitions, Video Follows Audio, customizable layouts, Shortcuts support, and much more.

Here’s an abbreviated list of features. For more information, visit the website.

  • Switcher Management: Control multiple ATEM switchers. Sync your switcher settings between all of your iCloud-connected devices.
  • Buttons: Access buttons and functionality present and missing from your physical ATEM switcher.
  • SuperSource: Enjoy beautiful transitions when switching between SuperSource layouts — no macros required. Use drag and drop to rearrange your boxes. Save your favorite preset layouts and share them with others.
  • Custom Switcher Pages: Create your own switcher pages that have the exact controls you need.
  • Macros: Organize and visualize your macros like never before.
  • Media: Upload still images from your iOS device straight to the media pool on your ATEM switcher.
  • Audio: Display real-time levels for every audio input. Adjust the gain, fader gain, frames delay, pan, and more.
  • Editing: Quickly adjust your transition, upstream key, downstream key, and SuperSource settings.
  • Automations: Control your ATEM switcher with Siri and Shortcuts. Automatically switch your inputs when your audio levels reach a certain level with the Video Follows Audio feature. Enjoy extensive keyboard shortcuts support for selecting inputs, highlight SuperSource boxes, running macros, and more.
  • Streaming: Organize your streaming destinations without having to edit XML files.
  • Recording: Manage your disk recordings straight from MixEffect. Start and stop recordings, set the filename for recorded videos, and switch disks all from your iPhone or iPad.
  • Auxiliary: Set the source for each of your Auxiliary outputs.
  • Color Generators: Adjust the colors of your Color 1 and Color 2 inputs.
  • Simulator: Don’t have an ATEM at the moment? Test out the interface using the built-in ATEM simulator.

Manage your live productions confidently with MixEffect!

Check out this great mini-review of the SuperSource feature from

23 thoughts on “Introducing MixEffect

  1. Hi there Adam, I have downloaded your app and have been trying it. Love is so far, one question about the animation of the SS! it is playing a bit jerky, does it rely on the device for the animation or is only triggering the ATEM to do the transition? will it preform differently on different (newer) devices?



    1. Gaby: What kind of iOS device are you using? What speed have you set for the animation? And how are you connected to the network (Wi-Fi or wireless). MixEffect instructs the ATEM to do the transition, but it calculates the frames and the delay between each frame. Knowing more about your setup will help me understand what’s happening better.

      1. David Shough

        I’m seeing the same problem. All animations are a bit jerky, regardless of what the settings are (I’ve tried all the variations.) I’m using a 12.9″ 2020 iPad Pro – plenty of power and RAM.

      2. I’m wondering if it’s your Wi-Fi connection to the ATEM. Have you tried if using it with Ethernet makes things smoother? I have a 2018 iPad Pro, so performance should be better on yours.

      3. David Shough

        I have an ethernet connector coming tomorrow. Will test and check back. Thanks

      4. David Shough

        BTW… Your app is incredible. Amazing that you were able to build this and hit the mark so well on your first version. Bravo!

        One feature request to consider: It’s frustrating to set the SuperSource view to Grid, click away to do something else, and when you come back to the SuperSource tab, the Grid view doesn’t stick. During a live broadcast, it would really help for the Grid view to stay and not reset, as that’s the best view for triggering animations. Thanks for considering.

      5. Hear you on the Grid view. Thinking of the best way to handle this, since the view is not technically part of the SuperSource section in the app (Presets, Art, and Copy). Stay tuned.

  2. Toby

    Hi Adam, I am a tech guy from Hong Kong, which helping small churches in Hong Kong to establish their online production platform. May I ask if there is possible to request a sponsor for a free mixeffect pro version so that I can utilize the tablet to serve those in need?

    Many Thanks and stay healthy,

  3. Hi Adam – I absolutely LOVE this app of yours – BRAVO!! I do have a question, and I hope you can help. I’m able to connect the ATEM extreme to the app on my ipad and control it (via an ethernet dongle), but I can’t get streaming to work on that same connection. I’ve been changing settings left, right and center, and I can’t make it work. I CAN connect using a straight USB-C cable from the aTEM to the iPad, but that gets me streaming, but the MixEffect app then doesn’t see the ATEM for control. Can I make both streaming (using my ipad for the internet) and control work from just one of those cables? I even tried connecting them both using a dongle which has USB and ethernet, but that didn’t work either. I don’t know WHAT I’ve done wrong…lol. Thanks so much – I hope you can help!!

    1. So, your ATEM Extreme needs to be connected to a router via Ethernet for streaming to work. Then, the iPad is connected to that same router via Ethernet or Wi-Fi. The USB-C connection can go to your computer should you want to see its output as a webcam or control it with ATEM Software Control on your Mac/PC. MixEffect control of the ATEM doesn’t work when you direct connect the two devices via USB-C. Let me know if that works.

  4. Thanks, Adam. That worked just fine. I do have a new question. In regards to supersources, I’m able to change the sources for each box, and I believe I’ve saved it by hitting set all settings, but when I change to another preset and then come back, to the previous one, the box sources are always reset to what they originally were. It seems that they only retain the setting that is set up using the original ATEM software. Is there some setting I’m missing to allow me to have presets saved with differing sources?

    1. To save a preset, you have to long-press on a preset. The Set All Settings button is used when recording macros (so that all the settings you set are recorded to the macro).

      1. Mark Payne

        Ohhhhh! Got it. I missed that – thanks again. Really – this app is genius – and the shortcuts – incredible!! You are one smart man!

  5. Charles christopher

    Church here, please consider compiling for older iOS so that we may repurpose older equipment to use your app with. Thank you!

    1. Unfortunately, MixEffect takes advantage of features that are only in iOS 14, so that will remain the minimum OS. The oldest iPads and iPhones that can use iOS 14 can be found here:

  6. Jim Barrick

    I am a new user to ATEM Mini Pro Extreme and to MixEffects on a 12.9″ iPad Pro with a keyboard. The task this afternoon was to create a series of SuperSource layouts. And I couldn’t be more frustrated with the UI.

    I’ll describe what I tried to do and where things got confusing.

    1. I started diddling with the big 4-box template shown in the middle of the screen to change default sources, Clearly just tapping on the various boxes does nothing. Enter the rabbit hole of unmarked blue icons to try to figure out source switching.

    2. Figured out that the presets is actually a list that scrolls sideways. Yecch. Long list. That doesn’t scale. The four-box icon at the upper switches into “list” view but tapping it a second time doesn’t get you back out again. Calls up and dismisses a menu. Further down another rabbit hole… Back out with the <SuperSource menu. on the right side of the screen. Two menu controls that don't work together?

    3. And what are all those blue buttons below the presets for? Hmm. Nothing is labelled.

    4. Edited a template and named it. Then it disappeared as soon as I finished editing. WTF?
    Then I worked out, that it's 'there" but now stuck in a long list of templates I don't care about.

    4a. Now, how do I get all these templates I want to edit/use listed at the top so i can find them quickly?
    Or, how am I going to call up "my" edited templates quickly during a live presentation?

    5. And why are there then TWO templates listed every time I edit something. Oh yeah, in a list of templates there is another template entry that isn't a template entry but the active screen being sent out. It's bordered green which means nothing, of course, if you are new and using "CUT' and not "Preview".

    I'll learn all the UI "Baseball rules", but really…

    1. I would take a look at the SuperSource documentation here: and watch the following video tutorial on YouTube:

      1. To change the box sources, enable the Show Box Sources toggle at the bottom of the screen.

      2. The horizontal scrolling list is for quickly choosing a preset when you are on the main SuperSource page. If you want to see them in a full screen grid mode, tap the button the upper-right to go to the View All Presets page. There you can switch between Grid, List, and Detail view.

      3. The blue numbered buttons are for highlighting a box for a selected preset. Documentation covers this.

      4. You can use the search feature to filter your presets. You can add tags and edit the names of each preset from the View All Presets section. Note to save changes to a preset, long-press on a preset from the Presets tab.

      5. The green box around a preset is the currently active preset in MixEffect. If you don’t like that, you can disable it from MixEffect Settings > User Interface. There you can also enable the preference to show each box in a different color.

  7. I do events at different locations and who know what will happen with the internet at the venues. I do have an AP that has multiple ethernet ports. I use that router to connect to the internet and plug the ATEM Mini ISO and the ipad has a USB C dongle to have ethernet plugged in and sometimes as WiFi. What happens to the app if I loose internet from the hotel? Does the app still work since it is all communication thru the AP anyway? As redundancy, does the app work on hotspot 4g?

    1. If all devices are connected to the same AP/hotspot/router, you should stay connected to the ATEM with MixEffect.

  8. The App looks great however I am a bit confused re compatibility. I have an ATEM 2 M/E Production Studio 4K but this is not exactly listed in the documentation. You list ATEM 2 M/E Production Studio as OK but not the ATEM Production Studio 4K. You are running the app on iPhone or iPads but can it run on a new MacBook Air with M1 processor? Thanks

    1. MixEffect will work with the ATEM 2 M/E Production Studio 4K (will update the docs). It can also run on M1 Macs, but it is not officially supported (there are some UI oddities with the translation from touch to mouse-driven interface). More info on compatibility here:

      FYI: The initial list of switchers are ones that I have personally tested MixEffect on.

      1. Steve Thompson

        Adam, thank you for your prompt & precise response. I am off to purchase a MacBook.

  9. Hello Adam!
    Your MixEffect app looks like a great tool that solves a lot of field problems using the ATEM. I have three BM switchers at different locations. For my office setup, I have an ATEM Mini Pro ISO connected to one local network. I downloaded the MixEffect app and loaded it on an iPhone 10 and a 10.5-inch iPad Pro using software version 14.7.1. I am able to connect to my ATEM with the iPhone, but not with the iPad. Strange because I can use two other (way less powerful) ATEM remote apps on the iPad to control the ATEM Mini Pro ISO.

    I have a network background and I’ve checking in both English and Chinese language programing sources for reasons why this is happening. I followed your debug chart to the end and still no luck.

    I would be more than happy to get the app working on my iPad Pro. Can you give me any pointers on how I can correct this?
    Stay strong, safe and healthy.

    James Thomas
    Taipei, Taiwan

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