Annoture 1.0.1 and Timeature 1.0.2

I need to fire myself and hire a real QA team. A couple of international users discovered a problem related to number formats and localization in Timeature and Annoture. Since both apps share some of the same codebase, I had to release a point update — 1.0.2 and 1.0.1 respectively — to them. The issue … Continue reading Annoture 1.0.1 and Timeature 1.0.2

Timeature 1.0.1 RC 1 Released!

Hot on the heels of the Timeature 1.0 release comes 1.0.1 Release Candidate 1. This version adds the following improvements to the application: Image Dates persist after Aperture Library Rebuild Added EXIF date adjustment Date Picker valid range is now beween 1902 and 2037 Timeature switches to the Library during image processing to ensure that … Continue reading Timeature 1.0.1 RC 1 Released!

Timeature 1.0 Released!

I’m pleased to announce the availability of Timeature 1.0! With Timeature, you can easily adjust the Image Date field of images imported in Aperture! The correct Image Date ensures that your photos are sorted properly within Aperture. This field is sadly not currently user-editable in Aperture 1.5, hence the need for this application. Some background … Continue reading Timeature 1.0 Released!

Aperture ImageDate Format

My investigations of Aperture’s internals continue with a question from John: There’s no way in Aperture to change the image date value Aperture stores in its database. We know it doesn’t have to be the same as the embedded image metadata value because if you import from iPhoto Aperture stores iPhoto’s user defined date value. … Continue reading Aperture ImageDate Format

AppleScript stringWithFormat

The task today for Annoture is localization. I’ve been looking far and wide across the Internet for an AppleScript equivalent to Cocoa’s stringWithFormat method to no avail. The lack of such a native function makes localizing an AppleScript Studio application difficult, as you can’t easily create formatted localized strings such as: “%d image annotations were … Continue reading AppleScript stringWithFormat

Showing the teaser in WordPress sub-pages

Been working on a WordPress problem that’s been vexing me for the past few weeks. Since I use WP to run the entire websites, I typically place the blog section as a separate sub-page under the website root. My site structure might look like this: = the website’s home page = where the … Continue reading Showing the teaser in WordPress sub-pages