Annoture Release

Introducing Annoture, a metadata bridging solution for Aperture and iView MediaPro! With Annoture, you’re just a click away from sharing metadata between these two popular image management and cataloguing applications. Spend more time working with your decisive moments than worrying about double-entry and incomplete metadata! Annoture lets you transfer annotations from iView MediaPro catalogs to … Continue reading Annoture Release

Annoture Progress

In honor of Paperture, I’ve changed the name of the program to Annoture. Earlier, I discovered Apple was handling exporting IPTC information in an old manner. This unfortunately took out a couple of hours to figure out, time which I could have spent working on other parts of the application. For a program that does … Continue reading Annoture Progress

Flattened ITPC Fields by Aperture

Aperture’s metadata exporting routines need a little more work. Aperture seems to flatten into a single string IPTC fields that can hold multiple values such as Keywords, Supplemental Categories, and Contacts — Keywords, Categories and People in iView terms — during import of JPEGs and TIFFs. If and when they ever read the annotation fields … Continue reading Flattened ITPC Fields by Aperture

Aperture and SQLite

In my previous post, I wrote that there was no way in AppleScript to get the original filename of a version. Because Aperture uses SQLite to store information about the Library, however, there is a way to access this information! There are a number of tables in the Library database, which is normally located at … Continue reading Aperture and SQLite