Bomb Scare at Star Wars Celebration IV

Marc and I went to the Star Wars Celebration IV at the Los Angeles Convention Center tonight, but we left early because of a stupid bomb scare during the Celebration Opening event at 7:00 pm. Some stupid, fat, pimply 40-year old dressed up in Star Wars regalia probably screamed out some quote from the movie … Continue reading Bomb Scare at Star Wars Celebration IV

Eating Out Every Day Can Be Unhealthy

Looks like Chinese food is in the crosshairs for restaurant foods that are unhealthy. The Center for Science in the Public Interest released a report declaring the typical Chinese menu is loaded with calories, saturated fats and sodium. A few weeks ago, another study targeted chain restaurants such as Ruby Tuesday and The Border as … Continue reading Eating Out Every Day Can Be Unhealthy

Reading Between the Lines

If you’ve been following the Ted Haggard scandal, you’ve got to read this article, published in May, 2005, in Harper’s Magazine. Soldiers of Christ has some of the most delicious and prescient ironies on Haggard that I’ve encountered while following this story. His true beliefs and desires were sitting right under everyone’s noses and in … Continue reading Reading Between the Lines

WTF? Landis Positive A Test

This is not what I wanted to hear when I heard that one rider tested positive during the Tour de France last week. Floyd Landis tested a positive A sample following the 17th stage, when he single-handlely decimated the peloton and rode himself back into contention. I’m still siding with Floyd on this one, and … Continue reading WTF? Landis Positive A Test

Aperture and 6600 video card

I have noticed that certain operations on my Quad PowerMac with Aperture 1.1 seem slower than they did with Aperture 1.0 or 1.0.1. I think I’ve found the culprit, the Nvida GeForce 6600 video card. I’ve found several threads on Apple’s discussion forums: Thread #1 Thread #2 Thread #3 Thread #4 Apparently, Aperture performance is … Continue reading Aperture and 6600 video card