MsgFiler Rated 4 Mice on MacWorld

Dan Frakes from MacWorld reviewed MsgFiler today and gave it a 4-mice rating! Here’s a great quote from the article: After using MsgFiler just a few times, it becomes almost instinctive. I’ve been using a similar add-on for Microsoft Entourage for years; the lack of something like this has been one of the things keeping … Continue reading MsgFiler Rated 4 Mice on MacWorld

MsgFiler 2.0.2 Available

MsgFiler 2.0.2 has been released. This new update features a number of bug fixes and new functionality: Copy Messages: Now you can choose between moving and copying messages to the selected mailbox. Mark Messages As Read When Filing: When you move or copy messages, you can optionally mark them as read. MiniMail Support: MsgFiler supports … Continue reading MsgFiler 2.0.2 Available

MsgFiler Update and Leopard Tips

With the release of Leopard, I have a little work to do to get MsgFiler fully compatible. I’ve already posted revised installation instructions on the MsgFiler webpage. Users who are using the app on Leopard have probably noticed that mailboxes are showing up twice. This will be fixed in the next version, which I hope … Continue reading MsgFiler Update and Leopard Tips

Telekinesis and Soybo

Today, I read about a new project, Telekinesis, which allows one the “remotely access your Mac through a collection of mini web apps on your phone” Hmmm… this sounds eerily familiar to me! In 2003, I wrote a web application called Soybo that allowed one to access applications on a host machine — Linux, Mac … Continue reading Telekinesis and Soybo

Coda from Panic

Checking out Coda, a one-window web development application, from Panic, makers of the excellent SFTP application, Transmit. For my latest consulting project, I’m juggling with exactly the problem Coda is attempting to solve, the barrage of windows and applications needed to perform web development chores: Text-editor (BBEdit) Terminal (iTerm) SFTP application (Transmit) Browser (IE6, IE7, … Continue reading Coda from Panic