Happy Birthday to Newton

It’s hard to believe that fourteen years ago on August 3, 1993, Apple released the Newton MessagePad. I was one of its early adopters, purchasing it just before my freshman year at college. It was the device that got me hooked on mobile computing, and it paved the way for where I am professionally today. … Continue reading Happy Birthday to Newton

Death Ride This Weekend

So, the moment of truth has arrived. The Death Ride is this weekend, and we’re leaving for South Lake Tahoe tonight. On Saturday, Jorge, Richard, Stephen, Gilad, and I are about to embark on a 129 mile, 15,000 feet journey through the California Alps. Monitor, Ebbets, and Carson Passes will beckon and laugh at us … Continue reading Death Ride This Weekend

iPhoneDevCamp – Day One

Day One of iPhoneDevCamp is in the books. There were over 275 people present for the opening ceremonies. Raven and the gang did a great job organizing the event in such a short time. The venue at Adobe is top-notch, and the mix of iPhone users and developers made for an eclectic evening. Tomorrow is … Continue reading iPhoneDevCamp – Day One

Telekinesis and Soybo

Today, I read about a new project, Telekinesis, which allows one the “remotely access your Mac through a collection of mini web apps on your phone” Hmmm… this sounds eerily familiar to me! In 2003, I wrote a web application called Soybo that allowed one to access applications on a host machine — Linux, Mac … Continue reading Telekinesis and Soybo

iPhone Battery Life Testing

Over the past couple of days, I’ve been testing and comparing the battery life of the iPhone with my previous phones. My Sony Ericsson t68i lasted a long time when I first got it, easily allowing me to go a week before having the recharge it. The Blackberry drained more quickly, forcing me to recharge … Continue reading iPhone Battery Life Testing