Bike Thief

The dry cleaning lady said to me this afternoon, “It’s a beautiful day, isn’t it?” I could only nod and laugh half-heartedly. Yes, it was a lovely day, if not for some !%^$#@ bike thief who stole my rear wheel and seat this morning!

I parked my bike at the Art Building at 10:00 am. Though I always lock my bike to something, I don’t always lock both the front and rear wheels together. If I was riding my road bike, this would be different. With my campus bike, however, I figured that what I did would be enough protection. Following my art class at 11:45 am, I walked out, turned the corner, and saw my bike, minus the rear wheel and seat. “WTF!?!” I stood there looking at the bike for what seemed like several minutes. I was dumbfounded… how could this happen to me, to my bike?

I had to get back to the office, and wasn’t looking forward to dragging my rear wheel-less bike half a mile. Fortunately, Inga found a rear wheel lying in the bushes which I was able to attach to my bike, allowing me at least to roll it back to the office.

%^@$#% bike thief! May my seat give you 1,000 boils on your ass! If I ever find you… you’ll be in a world of hurt!

1 thought on “Bike Thief

  1. Dang dood, somebody straight up JACKED dat shit!!!! Did you ever get a chance to bust dat fucka’s ass?

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