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DVF 2005 End Year party

It’s the end of another year at the Digital Vision Fellowship Program at Stanford University. This past year whizzed by so quickly; it seems like only a few months ago that I was saying goodbye to Heather, Segeni, Joe, Raphael, and everyone else from my program year!

Once again, the party was held at the Faculty Club next to Tresidder Union. Lighting conditions were fantastic due to a rare June appearance of overcast skies and rain in the Bay Area. Instead of harsh shadows, we had nice soft diffuse lighting! I only wish that it will be like this on my wedding day! Not only was the lighting good, everyone was in a cheerful mood — that’s the most important thing for getting great photos!

Next year, another group of fellows will be on campus, attracting student volunteers, participating in the Social e-Challenge, and building the foundation for successful projects. I’m already looking forward to meeting them!


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