Jeremy's Chili and London Party

Jeremy is heading to London next week to start up his company’s European office. He celebrated his impending departure with friends during his annual chili cookout.
The chili was spicy and yummy as before and the lasagna was first-rate. Again, Rae and I supplied the Martinelli’s and Pepsi. We’re down to a few remaining bottles from the wedding!

I ran into a few people whom I haven’t seen in years, including Natalie (Delt House/Narnia), Joy Ku, and Sophia, months like Heidi and Munira, or weeks such as Jim, Vienna, Cindy, Jeremy, and Eric. Time and progress never cease to move forward, and it’s always a pleasure to see what everyone else has been up to these days.

As for us, Jeremy’s party capped three days of coming to San Francisco! The commute from the South Bay is a killer!

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