July COBA Meeting

Tonight’s COBA meeting featured a presentation on fireworks photography and large format printers. I wrote a bit about fireworks in this entry and spoke to the group about general techniques for shooting fireworks. Instead of rehashing what I said, here are some links with good photos and techniques:

Remember these tips the next time firworks are in your neighborhood! David Blanchard mentioned that Disney is celebrating its 50th anniversary this weekend. Apparently, they have fireworks every night, but this weekend, it’s bound to be even more extravagant!

Randy Heilbrunn, HP’s Large Format Specialist, came to speak about his company’s line of large format printers, the DesignJet series. I used a DesignJet 5500 during my Fellowship year at Stanford; that was an awesome printer. The DesignJet 30/90/130 series has many of the features of the top-of-the-line 5500 but at a reduced price.

The DesignJet series differs from the Photosmart printers in a number of ways. The Photosmart printers are fade resistant up to 102 years, can print borderless, and allow direct photo printing from memory cards and cameras. The DesignJet features 82 years of fade resistance, advanced color control, RIP support via ColorByte, and 6 separate ink cartridges (as opposed to 3×3 ink cartridges of the Photosmart line). The DesignJets can also print up to 24″ wide by 50′ long using roll paper, whereas the Photosmarts can print up to 13×19 inches.

Randy had sample prints from the DesignJet which were quite impressive. I asked if we could do a sample 20×30 print from my wedding, and he graciously agreed. The quality of the print on the satin paper was quite nice!

Next month, I’ll be going through the process of creating my wedding invitations, from photography to Photoshop to print. I’m also looking for a second presentation for the meeting. We’re looking to have someone come in to talk about product photography (i.e. table-top artwork and jewelry). If you know anybody (or if you want to volunteer) or have any other suggestions, let me know!

2 thoughts on “July COBA Meeting

  1. syndromes

    … not so related here, but everytime I see a COBA entry, I want to shout out, “CO-BA!”, like all of the COBRA toons did in GI JOE (minus the ‘R’).

    And there you have the depth of my intellectual knowledge ;)

  2. i think you have just gained an insight into the workings of adam tow, and the inspiration behind the name. ;)

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