Cancelling my WayTools TextBlade Order

There was a draft of this post that had been waiting to be published on this blog for over four and a half months ago. It’s time to post it and provide a four-month update. “I’m still waiting for my WayTools TextBlade multi-touch keyboard that I ordered back in January, 2015. The company said that … Continue reading Cancelling my WayTools TextBlade Order

My Tech Workspace from 2004 to 2016

Every week, The Sweet Setup interviews an Apple aficionado about his or her computing environment. I enjoy looking at the the products, software, and workspaces these people use on a daily basis; it gives me ideas on what hardware or apps I might want to try out in the future. Plus, I like looking at … Continue reading My Tech Workspace from 2004 to 2016

The Roost Laptop Stand and an iPad Pro at CES

Last year, I supported the Roost Laptop Stand on Kickstarter. The Roost is a portable, height-adjustable stand for laptops. At home, I use a Rain Design mStand with my MacBook Pro. It’s a nice stand, but it does not travel well. The Roost appealed to me because it was lightweight, foldable, and could adjust its height, features the … Continue reading The Roost Laptop Stand and an iPad Pro at CES

17,111 Pull-Ups for 2015

I started tracking my pull-ups progress in September, 2014. I recorded 4,672 pull-ups for the remainder of 2014. This year, I did 17,111 pull-ups, which I dutifully logged every day in a spreadsheet. 2015 Pull-Ups Log January 2,016 February 1,680 March 1,600 April 1,603 May 1,926 June 1,279 July 1,500 August 1,025 September 1,152 October … Continue reading 17,111 Pull-Ups for 2015