Vienna Teng and Princeton

From Pennsylvania to Providence and back to Pennsylvania, Vienna and I have been logging some major miles on the tour thus far. Today, we returned to PA, stopping this time at Mercersburg Academy. Mercerburg is a boarding school for 9-12 grade students. The location where Vienna played, a former cafeteria, was absolutely beautiful. The students … Continue reading Vienna Teng and Princeton

Vienna Teng East Coast Tour

Vienna Teng is on the East Coast, touring cities in Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, Rhode Island, North Carolina, Washington D.C. Georgia, and Tennessee. This evening, she was at the Cutting Room in New York City, New York. I arrived yesterday afternoon, and I stayed in Long Island with Randy’s parents. I took the Long Island … Continue reading Vienna Teng East Coast Tour

Vienna at the SF Public Library

The ripples are growing larger, encircling the lake from within. Soon, the ripples will reach the river and from there the ocean. When that happens, watch out, world! Vienna Teng performed at the San Francisco Public Library this afternoon. The crowd ranged from the homeless to friends and family to passerbys who had been spending … Continue reading Vienna at the SF Public Library